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초고압 처리 기술(HPP)는 식품 산업시장에서 친환경적인 식품가공의 가장 혁신적인 기술로 평가 받고 있습니다

Another innovation.
Ultra High Pressure Sterilization Technology Using Hydrostatic Pressure


A technology used to compress products packaged at high pressure of 3,000 to 6,000 bar using water. In the safest and most efficient way to increase the shelf life of food, many food companies strive to introduce HPP technology to provide consumers with higher quality products.


Protein harry, cell membrane destruction, changes in enzyme reaction velocity


2,000 bar

Reversible inactivation of enzymes


3,000 bar

Microbial and viral apoptosis

most E. coli

4,000 bar

Gelatinization of starch, protein denaturation and sedimentationv.


5,000 bar

Non reversible inactivation of enzymes

Listeria, Monocytogenes

6,000 bar

Heat-resistant spore apoptosis

E. coli

Durability and stability at once
ultra-high pressure reaction vessel

For the purpose of ultra-high pressure sterilization of food, water is filled inside the container to form a super-high pressure hydrostatic pressure, which is applied at the same size in all directions.

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Implement maximum pump discharge flow

1 The hydraulic piston consists of the driving part and the high pressure part. The hydraulic piston of the driving part is formed through straight back and forth motion, and the cross sectional ratio with the high pressure unit causes ultra high pressure.
2 Development of a self-sealing system with durability and reliability with an electric motor-driven hydraulic system.
3 Maximum service pressure 6,000 bar (600 Mpa), maximum pump discharge flow is implemented
4 Minimized application of noise and vibration phenomena due to pulsation phenomena
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durable and convenient
air-driven automatic valve

1 Drive to minimum required air pressure 5 kgf/Cm2.
2 Convenient maintenance using a non-rotating stem to prevent gelling and to apply a detachable stem structure
3 Metal To Metal Sealing  
4 Application of special STS materials for durability and Replace Seat technology for convenient maintenance

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Wire Winding

Technology and facilities combined
The pressure vessel structure with wire-winding method showed smaller displacement and stress distribution figures than normal (non-linear) type for ensuring durability and stability of the structure, as the service condition pressure inside the container is kept at the ultra-high pressure of 6,000 bar for a certain period of time and the pressurization and decompression are repeated. Therefore, the design of the wire-winding pressure vessel, which is a winding method, is considered safer, so HIPPO has the wire-winding technology and facilities.

inline system

Inline System Automatic Tray Design and Fabrication
To automatically implement ultra-high-pressure food sterilization procedures, keep containers inside the reaction containers with just one touch. The ability to automatically remove storage containers after ultra-high pressure sterilization is essential for the safety, convenience and time-saving of workers.

Excellent design, durable

Increase shelf life by up to 6x

ASME Baseline Design

ASME is an abbreviation of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which refers to technical standards for the design, manufacture, inspection of boiler and pressure vessels.

High durability with patented wire windings for high pressure containers

Wire Winding Linear Pressure Container_Wire Winding technology is ideal for lightweighting and compacting Vessels, and it is more durable and stable. [patent] No. 10-1750686--Warrior for High Pressure Containers

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