Why HPP?

초고압 처리 공정(HPP: High Pressure Processing)는 식품 산업시장에서 친환경적인 식품가공의 가장 혁신적인 기술로 평가 받고 있습니다

The process of ultrahigh pressure treatment
Why should I use it?

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

It is a technology that extends the shelf life without heat treatment and embalming while maintaining the fresh taste and aroma of food. It improves the quality of food without destroying nutrients, and it is an eco-friendly food sterilization process.
Inactivate microbes / enzymes

Increase shelf life

flavor and aroma unique to raw materials

nutrient retention

Short process time and simple

enough to handle

through a non-heat process

maintenance of fresh quality

through pressure control

microbial activity inhibition

in finished product condition with sterilization treatment

secondary pollution prevention

Statistics for the entire use of the superhigh
pressure processing process

Global HPP food production in 2014



Vegetable products


Juices products


Meat products


Other products

Percentage of ultra-high pressure process
activities by country

Evolution of number of HPP machines

The modern society, which prefers products that are harmless to the human body, has the most secure application of High Pressure Processing (HPP), which can increase the shelf life of products.

Application of HPP


Sea Food

Ready Top Eat


Medicine&Pet Food
0 ~ 6,000 Bar

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